Brick Restoration Services in Belleville & Surrounding Areas

Brick Restoration
Eastern Restoration & Masonry Contractors offers experienced brick and mortar restoration services, including replacement, cleaning and moisture sealing. To get a free consultation and estimate on your repairs, contact us today.
Chemical Cleaning
The exterior brick on a Century Home is sprayed with a mild chemical solution and is then rinsed off with a medium pressure water system.
Mortar Joint Replacement
Deteriorated mortar joints are removed. The mortar joints are re-pointed using original type lime mortar and colour additives, if required, to match the surrounding mortar.
Brick Replacement
Good quality reclaimed bricks are used to replace removed bricks, in order to keep the architectural integrity of the building.
Moisture Protection
The exterior, with the new brick and mortar, is sprayed with a sealant to protect against future moisture problems.
Additional Concerns
Chimneys and foundations are inspected in detail and repaired, as required.