Concrete Restoration Services in Belleville & Surrounding Areas

Concrete Restoration
Broken and deteriorating concrete sidewalks and steps are ugly and pose safety risks to anyone who uses them. Eastern Restoration & Masonry Contractors can restore your concrete and make it safe for years to come. Contact us to get a free consultation and estimate on your repairs.
Concrete Repairs
Concrete is sounded to determine areas of delamination. These areas are removed and repaired with polymer modified repair mortar products.
Rebar Concerns
The concrete around exposed steel is chipped back until sound concrete is located. The steel is then cleaned and coated with an anti-corrosion coating product. The exposed concrete is then coated for a concrete repair.
Crack Repairs
Cracks in the concrete are cut out and repaired by polymer modified repair mortar products and/or epoxy products.
Moisture Protection
The concrete, including the repaired areas are then sprayed with a sealant to protect against future moisture problems. Non-wearing surfaces receive a protective and decorative application of an architectural coating.