Stone Restoration Services in Belleville & Surrounding Areas

Stone Restoration
Eastern Restoration & Masonry Contractors can get your stone wall or sidewalk restored to its previous beauty and stability. Contact us to get a free consultation and estimate on your repairs.
Mortar Joint Replacement
Deteriorated mortar joints are cut out and replaced with lime mortar as per brick restoration, mortar joint replacement.
Stone Replacement
Severely damaged stones are removed and replaced with a new stone which has been faced to duplicate the surrounding stones.
Stone Repairs
Cracked stones are repaired in place by the use of stainless steel rods and epoxy grouting materials.
Ornamental Stone Repairs
Ornate ornamental stones are replaced with new stones or repaired with polymer modified repair mortar products.
Structural Stabilization
Wall stabilization is achieved by the use of anchoring systems and the grouting of voids found inside the wall.
Wall Reconstruction
Wall areas that have experienced excessive movement are torn down and relaid plumb and level.