Eastern Restoration & Masonry Contractors: Your Choice for Quality Masonry

Choose the Experts
Is your brick mortar loose and crumbling? Do you have an outdoor concrete step that’s been damaged and poses a safety hazard to your family or employees?
Whatever stone, brick and concrete problems you have, Eastern Restoration & Masonry Contractors can fix it! Serving the Belleville and surrounding areas, we have qualified masons offering experienced restoration services to residential, commercial and institutional clients.
Protect Your Investment
If your building or chimney brick and mortar are degrading or have been damaged, neglecting a repair could cost you exponentially more down the road. Moisture can invade exposed areas, compromising interior walls and sound mortar. And deteriorating chimneys can impede proper ventilation, exposing your loved ones to potentially deadly smoke.
Fixing your cracked sidewalk or replacing broken stones on exterior walls also helps make your home or business look the best it can.
We even offer chemical cleaning to remove acidic compounds, oil spills and graffiti.
If your sidewalks, steps or walls – anything made with brick, stone or concrete – have become unstable or are just an eye sore, contact the professionals at Eastern Restoration & Masonry Contractors for a free consultation and quote.